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dog attack claim lawyer

Consider your next steps

The following outlines steps to take if you have suffered a dog attack injury.

Dog attack claims

There are nearly a quarter of a million dogs registered in Western Australia (WA). Whilst they are the most popular pet in WA, they may at times, be unpredictable. 

A Dog Attack can leave you anxiety ridden and physically injured, and if you have been a victim of one, you may be entitled to compensation. Usually, a claim is lodged against the owner’s contents insurance (public liability policy), as dogs are typically covered in these polices. 

According to section 3 of the Dog Act 1976 (WA), an attack in relation to a dog can include any of the following; aggressively rushing at or harassing any person or animal; biting, or otherwise causing physical injury to a person or animal;  tearing clothing, or otherwise causing damage to the property of the person attacked, attempting to attack; or behaving in such a manner toward a person as would cause a reasonable person to fear physical injury.

All of these will count as a dog attack, unless the owner can establish the behavior was justified by a reasonable cause.

Dog Attack compensation

If successful, you may be entitled to damages (compensation) under the Dog Act 1976 (WA). These are payable by the dog owner as part of their contents insurance and may include the following; 

  • general damages, meaning compensation for pain and suffering
  • bodily or mental harm 
  • loss of amenities and loss of enjoyment of life, both past and future
  • past and future medical expenses
  • past and future services of a personal and domestic nature, either paid or gratuitous 
  • past and future loss of earning capacity
  • travel expenses


We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible following the event given time restrictions exist around making a claim.

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