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Consider your next steps

The following outlines steps to take if you have suffered an injury within Australia and are an overseas resident.

Claims involving overseas residents injured in Australia

Over the years our Senior Lawyers have represented numerous foreign residents who have suffered injuries or loss whilst in Australia. In these circumstances, the claim must be brought under Australian Law. Our lawyers are well versed in gathering evidence, such as medical reports and income statements, to support your case whilst you are living outside of Australia.

The challenges of working cross-jurisdiction can make these claims complex and difficult. At Brand Barristers & Solicitors, you will work directly with a Senior Lawyer supported by an experienced team. We will provide clear advice on the process under Australian Law and guide you through the steps we need to take in a practical and supportive way to achieve the very best outcomes.

We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible following the event given time restrictions exist around making a claim. Your first meeting is obligation-free to assist you in determining if you have an eligible claim and appropriate next steps.

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