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Clerkships and Internships at Brand Barristers and Solicitors

We offer three types of internships that provide law students with the chance to gain real-life experience and learn in a practical environment alongside experienced legal professionals in our office. These internships offer skill development opportunities, the chance to work with seasoned professionals to acquire sort-after legal knowledge and real client experience.

Law Clerk Role

The clerkship program at Brand Barristers and Solicitors offers students a valuable opportunity to enhance their legal skills, deepen their knowledge of the Australian legal system, and gain insights into advocating for clients who have experienced injuries or harm.

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Students may also be exposed to dispute resolution methods and the negotiation aspects specific to personal injury law. 

The clerkship is a paid position providing students with valuable placement experience including boarder client service, legal administration and corporate office experience.

Work Experience

Our work experience program offers law students the opportunity to shadow an experienced lawyer and gain insight into their day-to-day activities. 

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The program runs for a period of two to three days per week spanning four to six weeks.

During this time, students will have the chance to observe court proceedings, assist with document preparation, engage in paralegal tasks such as preparing discoverables, statements of claims and special damages as well as taking new client enquires.

Our work experience program is a paid placement, providing students with financial compensation for their participation.

Legal Internship

We aim to enhance opportunities for law students in their final year to gain practical experience through real-life exposure.

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The UWA legal internship program offers an avenue for students to fulfill the placement requirements of the UWA legal internship unit. This internship spans twelve weeks during the second semester, with the student dedicating one day per week to Brand Barristers and Solicitors.

Throughout the internship, the student will be under the supervision of an experienced lawyer and engaged in various legal tasks, including legal research and analysis, drafting legal documents, observing court appearance, utilising legal databases, assisting with client interviews and handling administrative duties.

This internship is unpaid in line with the guidelines by the university.

To express your interest in any of our programs, and to kickstart your career, please contact with your resume and cover letter. We look forward to receiving your application.